Breathing to heal
your body and mind


Modern life is very stressful.

Studies tell us that 43% of all adults suffer from health disorders caused by stress, between 75% and 90% of all doctor visits are due to diseases and disorders related to stress, stress has been identified as one of the most important risks at the workplace.

There are some specific tools that can help us reduce physical and mental / emotional stress.

It has been proven that the practices of yoga, breathing, mindfulness, allow us to have more energy and security and help us to calm down in difficult times.

RespiraMente is born from the desire to share these tools that can help us on this mysterious journey of life.

What is RespiraMente?

Yantra Yoga, the Tibetan Yoga of Movement

This yoga belongs to the Tibetan tradition.  Its characteristic is the combination of positions and movements with a fully conscious breathing that follow a specific rhythm. It is a method for coordinating and harmonizing the body's energy through different ways of breathing and of holding the breath so that the mind may find its balance.


It is a system of simple and effective breathing exercises that can be adapted to the specific needs of each person, in order to discover a fuller and harmonious way of breathing.
Studies indicate that the practices of conscious breathing can help us overcome problems such as stress, anxiety, physical and mental blockages and toxic emotions.


Mindfulness simply means being present in the moment, in whatever we are doing, feeling and perceiving.

With his practice we create a space between ourselves and the impulses of the outside world, so that we may reconnect with our own essence.
It is a training that can really help us manage the problems of daily life and our emotions, so that we are no longer slaves to them.

Meditative Walks

Walking in nature is not only very good for our health because it lowers blood pressure, the sugar levels in our blood, it improves cardiovascular and metabolic health, and boosts our immune system, but it also promotes creativity, improves our mood, increases concentration and memory.

Meditative walks are done in silence, so that we may connect with nature in a more direct and profound way.

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The practices of yoga, conscious breathing, mindfulness,

meditative walks, can help you eliminate:

stress and anxiety

We offer tools that can help you become free from stress and anxiety through some simple exercises that are easy to apply in any moment of the day.


Muscle tensions

Exercises to help you release tensions of the body and improve your posture.


Insomnia and Fatigue

By improving the quality of your breathing you can eliminate problemas such as insomnia and the feeling of exhaustion.


Sadness and depression

The practices of Mindfulness and conscious breathing can help alleviate depression.

Retreats to reconnect with your true nature:

Retreats with meditative walks, yoga, breathing practices, in the beautiful nature of Tenerife, to disconnect from our commitments and reconnect to our true nature, recharge our batteries and reboot our nervous system.

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