What is Respira?


Simple and effective breathing exercises that can be applied by anyone to discover a complete and harmonious breathing.

These exercises can be done while sitting on the floor, but also standing up or sitting on a chair.

Health benefits: 

Discover deep states of relaxation, balance disorders caused by anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, insomnia, hyperactivity, harmonize and balance your energy.

A smoother and relaxed breathing is beneficial for improving respiratory and cardiovascular health, physiological and cerebral functions.

When body and mind are more balanced, the quality of sleep improves, we have more strength and energy and as a consequence we can be more efficient and active.

Respira - Intensive Course


Respira Weekend Course

24th and 25th September 2022 in Tenerife and on Zoom


Respira includes: stretching for the body, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices, to relax our body and mind and strengthen our lungs.

In general, due to bad postures of the body, stress and anxiety in our daily lives, we have the tendency to breathe very superficially and too quickly, only using 30% of our breathing capacity.

In these classes you will discover if you have bad breathing habits and you will learn how to change them, to discover a more complete, smooth and relaxed breathing.

For more information about this course: Respira Course


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What are people saying about my classes?

Natural breathing needs to be rediscovered and trained. Alessandra has all the gentle and skillful means to guide us successfully along this wellbeing journey!
Gaetano Ruvolo
Alessandra is competent and careful with every detail. She is patient and kind and at the end of the class I feel relaxed and free of any tension.
Katia Ciccone
Alessandra teaches with care, clarity and compassion.
Ian Drummond