What do people say about my classes?

With Alessandra's classes I could experience deep breathing. Now I am aware of how I breathe and I can apply the practices I learned in order to find calm whenever I need it. I am very grateful to her.
Yantra Yoga opens my senses, it makes me feel awake, aware and full of energy, at the same time it helps me take control of my breathing and coordinate it with my movement, giving also a sense of calm and peace.
Lily Rose
I felt great benefit, a lot of sharpness and clarity both mentally and energetically. I'm still discovering more, but it gives me a lot of strength and joy. Besides, the inner spiritual work that it produces is also unique. Thanks Alessandra for your kindness and generosity!
Cristina Jimenez Pinto
I have already been practicing Yoga for years and I was very lucky to meet Alessandra and participate in her online classes during this time of lock-down. The stretching movements helped me keep my body and muscles in shape during these months without leaving the house, and the breathing exercises allowed me to control my anxiety in this difficult time. When I was finally able to go for a walk, my body didn't suffer because I hadn't lost my muscle tone. I also have a tendency to suffer from pain in the neck and by practicing with Alessandra the pain has improved a lot. It has been a beautiful experience, I will continue participating in her classes, because they are very good for my health.
Giovanna Sorce
For me, the Yoga and Breathing classes with Alessandra have been a great support during this time of coronavirus. I was able to overcome anxiety, stomach problems, facial stiffness and irregular heartbeat. Now I feel good because I regularly attend her online classes.
MariaTeresa Peca
Yes, I recommend it. It helped me very much with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Alessandra is very concerned about your well-being and health when doing the exercises.
Covy Covadonga
The instructor is very detailed, professional, and patient. Her classes are a deeply enriching experience.
Juan C. L.
My experience doing Yantra Yoga classes with Alessandra is awesome. I'm also a Yoga teacher (especially for kids) and I enjoy her teachings a lot. I special enjoy in Yantra Yoga that you focus on the breathing and that you make one movement while taking one breath. So the movement and the breath are connected. My specific benefits are that I'm in the moment, I focus on my breath and that I can relax easily. What I appreciate about Yantra Yoga is that I can turn off my daily toughts and focus on the movements and on my breath. Alessandra speaks clearly and is very understandable. She gives very good explanations so I can follow very easily. I like her calm nature very much! She is a very good yoga teacher with a huge knowledge.
Mina Klaudy
Breathing better helps you live better. I definitely recommend the classes with Alessandra because of her experience, her competence and her gift with people.
Ilaria Faccioli
Alessandra teaches with care, clarity and compassion.
Ian Drummond
Alessandra is one of the most competent people I know in the disciplines she teaches, Yantra Yoga and Respira Breathing Method, but this ability is never ostentatious: she manages to communicate with extraordinary lightness and simplicity, when teaching these wonderful practices. This is precisely the key that makes her classes authentic experiences: without complexity, without apparent difficulty. Simply being in the natural beauty of movement and breathing, letting the practice continue its flow, with the smile of Alessandra welcoming new practitioners as if they were old friends.
Valentina Lo Surdo
Practicing Yantra Yoga has taught me about the passiveness of my body, to meditate on it in each sequence and posture, it has been very pleasant to learn it.
Stephany Cabrera
Natural breathing needs to be rediscovered and trained. Alessandra has all the gentle and skillful means to guide us successfully along this wellbeing journey!
Gaetano Ruvolo
Harmonized body, breath and mind. Do not hesitate to learn with Alessandra, her experience makes you truly experience the fruits of the practice.
Dannae Ruíz G.
I am totally delighted to have been able to participate with you in the Respira course. It has been a very positive experience and of great benefit for me, this practice gave me stability in many ways.
Rosa García Carvajal
I attended classes with Alessandra for several months and had a great time. I also started seeing great results. I will start participating again as soon as possible!
Gaetana Brescia
Alessandra is competent and careful with every detail. She is patient and kind and at the end of the class I feel relaxed and free of any tension.
Katia Ciccone
I totally love Alessandra's yoga classes! She teaches with patience and kindness and her style follows a natural way of moving with the breath. Everything flows naturally and peacefully. Thank you for sharing your passion!
Rodica Darva
Alessandra Policreti is an excellent yoga teacher! I had a great time during the Yantra Yoga courses in Rome. I recommend it wholeheartedly!
Daniela Cristina Oanca
I am very thankful I got the opportunity to learn and praxtice Yantra Yoga with Alessandra! From beginning I felt more relaxed and my breathing even in daily life has improved! My whole body feels more vital and mentally I feel healthier!
Christine Lanschützer
Alessandra's Yantra Yoga Class is a real blessing. I´ve done Yoga before, but never focused so intensely on my breath and it turned out to be a real mind opener for me and my whole practice. I was also surprised at how well the class works on Zoom and therefore how great it is to practice with so many people all around the world. Thank you, Alessandra.
Lukas Janisch