Why RespiraMente?

There are moments in our lives when we feel that everything flows naturally, we feel good with ourselves and we manage to do everything (or almost everything) that we want to do.

Of course, things can’t always go so well, we know that in life there are always good periods and bad ones.

But there are other times in our lives when we feel that nothing is flowing, everything goes wrong, we feel confused, already when we wake up in the morning we feel exhausted and anxious, nothing of what we want to achieve turns out well.

In these moments we can’t even enjoy our free time and the people we love.

It is most likely that we have focused too much on what is “outside”, in our work and family commitments, obligations, forgetting that we also need to take care of our inner self.

If we don’t feel well within ourselves, if we cannot feel innerly relaxed, we will not be able to feel well with the outside world.

According to the Tibetan tradition human beings are not just the physical body, nor are they just the mind.

We also have the aspect of energy. This we cannot see, but I think that we can all feel it. When we are tired or depressed we say that we have no energy. When we feel happy, we have so much energy and it seems as if we never get tired! 

Our energy is connected to our breathing. When we feel happy and relaxed, our breathing is deeper and smoother, whereas when we feel anxious, for example, our breathing will be more superficial, fast, fragmented. In fact, we can consider that the breathing is a little like a bridge between our physical body and our mind.

For this reason, in any healing process it is important to work with these three aspects, the body, the breathing and the mind.

Many times we forget to include the body and the breathing in our therapies, probably because in our modern society we are ot used to “inhabiting” our body. We use it as a support, sometimes we worry about its outer appearance, but we don’t take care of it as we should and we don’t understand that it can be a tool for improving our breathing and healing our minds.

Many scientific studies have proven that our emotions affect our breathing, like for example this study “The influence of the emotions on respiration”, published by the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Nowadays studies show us that this also works the other way round. If we start breathing like an anxious person breathes, after a short period of time we will feel anxious and we could even get to the point of having a panic attack. On the other hand, if we breathe consciously, in the same way as a relaxed, happy, secure person breathes, we can eventually feel this way too. 

What an amazing tool we have! And it is available to us every day, at any time and in any place, it is always with us. 

It would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

In the personalized method we use: 

  • Exercises for the body, stretching and yoga exercises adapted to the capacities of each participant, that can be applied very easily even while sitting in a chair, at the office, or laying down on the ground with a mat for the more flexible people.
  • Exercises for the mind, practices of Mindfulness and Meditation, that help us recognize our thoughts and emotions so that we don’t allow them to control and dominate us. These are ways of training to focus our attention in the present moment, they are not spiritual or religious practices, so that they can be applied by any person, without needing to change beliefs or religion, and they don’t require much time because they are applied mainly during our day to day life.

  • Breathing exercises, yoga and Harmonious Breathing exercises that allow us to become aware of our breathing and discover how we breathe and whether we have blockages in our breathing, to understand how to release them and breathe more deeply, smoothly, completely.

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