Yantra Yoga

Yantra Yoga, the Tibetan Yoga of Movement, is one of the most ancient yoga traditions in the world and it belongs to the Tibetan tradition.


Its characteristic is a combination of postures and movements with a fully conscious breathing that follows a rhythmc pattern.

It is a method gor coordinating and harmonizing our energy through different ways of breathing and holding the breath so that the mind can find its balance.

Through this practice we relax, coordinate and harmonize our energy, we improve our health, we find a state of calm and presence, and we deeply experience the true meaning of being relaxed, naturally relaxed.

This method is very useful for everyone, regardless of whether they are a spiritual person or not, young or elderly, flexible or not.

Anyone can apply it to achieve a complete wellbeing of body and mind.

Intensive courses and weekly classes

Intensive weekend course on the Tsadul, the third series of preliminaries of Yantra Yoga.

The Tibetan term ‘rtsa’ includes the totality of the body’s physical and energetic channels, from nerves, arteries and physical veins, to the subtle and immaterial ones, nadis; ‘dul’ means to conquer, to coordinate, to keep under control; in practice, to make them efficient.
This series of exercises serves to correct the circulation of prana within the subtle channels and to eliminate any obstacles.
We will learn the first two Pranayamas of Yantra Yoga and the five movements for opening the channels.
9,30 – 11,30 and 4 – 5,30 PM
9,30 – 12,30
Dzamling Gar, Playa Paraíso, Tenerife


Next presentation of Yantra Yoga

Free introductory class

at Lakshmi Yoga center

in Playa Paraíso

Thursday 8th October 2020

at 9,45.

From 5th October:

Yantra Yoga Online (in English)

Monday 6,30 – 7,30 PM (Intermediate class for those who know the preliminaries)

Wednesday 6,30 – 7,30 PM (Beginners class)

Tenerife time, GMT + 1


For information and private classes online and/or in person:

What do my students say?

Alessandra's Yantra Yoga Class is a real blessing. I´ve done Yoga before, but never focused so intensely on my breath and it turned out to be a real mind opener for me and my whole practice. I was also surprised at how well the class works on Zoom and therefore how great it is to practice with so many people all around the world. Thank you, Alessandra.
Lukas Janisch
I totally love Alessandra's yoga classes! She teaches with patience and kindness and her style follows a natural way of moving with the breath. Everything flows naturally and peacefully. Thank you for sharing your passion!
Rodica Darva
I am very thankful got the opportunity to learn and practice Yantra Yoga with Alessandra! From the beginning I felt more relaxed and my breathing even in daily life has improved! My whole body feels more vital and the mentally I feel healthier!
Christine Lanschützer
Alessandra Policreti is an excellent yoga teacher! I had a great time during the Yantra Yoga courses in Rome. I recommend it wholeheartedly!
Daniela Cristina Oanca